MeteorFIT Sweat Band Waist Trainer For Women Plus Size w/ Sweet Resistance Bands Set – Waist Trimmer Sweat Belt

Price: $24.99
(as of Jul 30,2021 03:40:18 UTC – Details)

WAIST TRAINER: Reduces and shapes your waistline, tones and flattens your abs.
WEIGHT LOSS BELT: Produces a comfortable heat sensation when warn causing you to sweat and burn fat.
POSTURE SUPPORT: May be used to aid in correcting posture and eliminate lower back pain.
CORSET LIKE CINCHER: Wear this comfortable on top of or under your clothing like a corset to shape and train your waist back to it’s youthful figure.

*BONUS*: Two (2) dumb-bells are included with this product – to keep your hands and arms busy while you sweat and burn inches from your waist.

Size S ………. Length 32 inch / Fits waistline 22″-26″inch
Size M ………. Length 36 inch / Fits waistline 26″-30″ inch
Size L ………. Length 40 inch / Fits waistline 30″-34″ inch
Size XL ………. Length 44 inch / Fits waistline 34″-37″ inch
Size 2XL ………. Length 47 inch / Fits waistline 37″-41″ inch
Size 3XL ………. Length 51 inch / Fits waistline 41″-45″ inch
Size 4XL ………. Length 55 inch / Fits waistline 44″-49″ inch
Please refer to the above sizing range.
We suggest to measure your waist size at or slightly above your belly button.

1.Hand-wash in soapy water. Do not use a washing machine and do not rub on other clothing while cleaning.
2.Air-dry. Do not use a dryer.

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THE SAUNA EFFECT: Use this waist trainer as a weight loss vest or sauna suit in your everyday workout to lose weight and burn fat while you wear it at home. This essential gym accessory will cause your tummy and back to produce beads of sweat. It’s also good as a belly wrap for smoothing postpartum (post baby) stomach. Cinturilla reductora de mujer.
SIZE SMALL: Belt length is 32″ and fits waist size 22″ – 26″. Refer to Size Chart Photo. This sweat band for women is made of flexible, form fitting, stretchy neoprene fabric so it conforms to your body and does not pinch your skin. You may comfortably wear this product over the top of your clothing or underneath while performing sports activities. Neoprene is a non latex research product made from foamed synthetic rubber and is non-toxic and spongy to the touch.
ELITE DESIGN: This trimmer belt has a taller height so it will cover your stomach area (abs or abdominal region) easily. The cinching closure uses two (2) hook & loop fasteners (inner and outer) to ensure an adjustable yet solid holding action without coming loose. It’s quickly adjustable to tighten or loosen as well. Plus size/sizes are available – refer to the sizing chart/image.
WE GO WITH YOU: This women’s shaper is an ideal companion to your equipment gear – take it with you anywhere. Wear this during your exercise routine – it will easily gel at the office, while watching TV or walking on the beach – what a fun, simple and easy way to enhance weightloss and shed unwanted pounds. Fajas para adelgazar la barriga.
*BONUS*: This shaping sculpter belt includes two (2) sweet pink color matching dumb-bells or free weights. Tone your arms while you shape your waist. Dumb-bells are 0.5KG (1lb) each. These dumbbells are made from cast iron with a neoprene shell. Pesas ejercicios.

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